Nelson Garden Products

Nelson Garden Products has been producing trusted plant food for over 20 years

Fast Acting

Nelson’s is a balanced 8-8-8 formula along with six micro-nutrients and specialized Grow-Aide. The result is more foliage, blooms, and brighter colors.

All Purpose

Perfect for all garden plants including trees, shrubs, and bedding plants. Also good for indoor plants, hanging baskets, and container plants (Orchids, Bromeliads, and African Violets). Great for seedlings, cuttings, and transplanting as well.


Does not burn roots or leaves, even at twice the recommended rate.  The reason is Nelson’s uses lower percentage of nitrogen from urea along with a balance of nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen.


Azaleas, Roses, Hydrangeas, Ferns,
Daylillies, Iris, all bedding plants.  
Great for newly planting to help minimize transplant shock. Helps to ensure healthier plants with vibrant flowers.


Orchids, Bromeliads, African Violets.  
All house plants including Fiddle Leaf Figs. Nelson’s plant food is perfectly formulated to ensure healthy plants with more blooms and vibrant colors.

Fruit and Vegetables

Tomatoes, Peppers, and all vegetables. Also great for fruiting plants and trees. Such as Blueberries, Lemon trees, Pomegranate trees and fig trees. 

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Nelson Garden Products

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