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Nelson’s Liquid Plant Food is available throughout the United States.   The Plant Food is available under two names; Grow Best and Grow-N-Thrive.

Grow Best is available in retail stores in Georgia at The Home Depot and Ace hardware in Johns Creek.

Grow-N-Thrive is available through our website.  Currently shipping Quarts. Gallons, and 5 gallon pails.

Please press the order button to see your options.

Gardeners across the country have noticed bigger more vibrant blooms after using Nelson Garden Products.

After using Grow Best on my tomatoes, I had the largest crop I’ve ever had. I buy it every year now and put it on all my plants.

Had to transplant several plants and was very fortunate to have found Nelson’s Grow Best. I am confident that it is what helped make sure that not only did everything survive being moved … but they are thriving now! Highly recommend!!

I purchased this product at an upscale bonsai store, years ago when I lived in Dallas, Texas; they were selling it because it really helps to keep your bonsai healthy, but I use it on all my indoor plants, with amazing results. It has lasted a long time, because you don’t need to use much to get great results – I love this product and am in the process of reordering it, because I have finally used up my supply. I highly recommend Grow Best…