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trees and shrubs

Great for newly planted or transplanted trees and shrubs to minimize transplant shock.

flowering shrubs

Azaleas, Roses, Hydrangeas all flowering plants.  Nelson’s plant food is perfectly formulated to ensure healthy plants with more blooms with vibrant colors.

bedding plants

Ferns, Daylilies, Iris, Impatiens and all bedding plants.
Nelson’s plant food will make your bedding plants grow healthier and with beautiful color.

How to Apply

For trees and shrubs thoroughly soak the root ball after planting to reduce shock and speed root growth.  Apply 1 oz/gal every 3-4 weeks thereafter. 
For Roses apply apply 1oz/gal every 2 weeks to the soil.  Keep foliage dry.  
For Annuals, bulbs and perennials apply 1oz/gal every 2 weeks to soil.  Can spray foliage.  Can use hose-end sprayer, too.
For New Guinea Impatiens apply 1 tbsp/gal every 2 weeks to soil. Do Not apply to leaves.
For Azaleas, Hydrangeas and other flowering shrubs apply 1oz/gal every 2-3 weeks.  Can spray the foliage.
“…It can be used on most any plants….flowers, shrubs, vegetables, lawns, trees, and seeds …  Just put it on and watch your plants grow.”
Gardeners love Nelson’s plant food for transplanting trees and shrubs.
Gardeners in Virginia report great results when using Nelson’s plant food for transplanting trees.

A Gardener in Georgia loves it because it saved the bushes he transplanted.

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